Aion Grouping: Levels 10-25

Nearly all content in the first half of the game is soloable in Aion, allowing players to find their way however they are comfortable doing it.  Group content can be skipped complet

Nearly all content in the first half of the game is soloable in Aion, allowing players to find their way however they are comfortable doing it.  Group content can be skipped completely for the most part but for those who want to enjoy their friendÂ’s companionship and for those who wish to experience every aspect of the game, where do they go for multi-player fun?

Below are the highlights of lower level group content.  Be sure to check back soon for the upper level group content and Abyss instance guides that we are working on!

Elyos Players

Your first chance at real group content starts in Veteron.  It is here that you will get group specific quests, both regular and campaign, which will lead you to tougher and more rewarding content.

Beyond the Ellun River Mouth lies plenty of danger for groups

Ellun River Mouth, Tursin Outpost, and Tursin Garrison will start you out at about level 16 and be worthwhile through level 20.  Moving through your campaign quests will easily lead you through the area, but you can also pick up other quests from the guard post at Ellun River Mouth that will provide extra incentive to go through this group content.

At level 20+ youÂ’ll be heading to Eltnen and Theobomos.  Prior to level 25, there arenÂ’t really any group specific areas in Eltnen, though with the agro quality of the Kerubians in the Putrid Mire, you might want to consider taking a friend or two with you.  Between levels 20-25 in Eltnen, the focus is Spy quests and learning how to use the rifts which are always much easier to do in a group.  I wouldnÂ’t suggest doing the Spy quests solo unless you are playing during a typically low population hour or have stealth ability available to you.  Spy quests are found mostly in Eltnen Fortress though you can find some in the surrounding area.  Onesimus will get you started with a couple of teleportation accidents that will send you behind enemy lines.  These are a great opportunity to do with a couple of other players to explore the Asmodian lands without having to hunt down a rift.

Theobomos is one of the safe zones in game that doesnÂ’t allow for Asmodians to enter.  For adventurers who shy away from PvP, this is the place youÂ’ll want to spend your time.  Here groups in their early 20s can find action at the Theobomos Ruins.  The quest “Eliminating a Suspect” will take you into the area to defeat a group named mob called Hamerun the Leech.  This is a level 25 quest that rewards a fairly decent weapon of your choice and cannot be done solo (believe me, I tried).  There are wanted posters of challenging mobs, but really these can be done solo unless you hit this zone early.

Right at level 25 I suggest that groups make their way into the Abyss to the Teminon Landing and get started on the first group instance Nochsana Training Camp.  The access quest and companion quests for this zone, picked up from the NPCs Rentia, Nereus, Eulos in Reshanta, all should be done very soon after you hit level 25 to make the most of the rewards and experience.


Asmodae Players

For the darker side of the world, Asmodians will get their first real crack at good group content in Altgard.   At around level 16, youÂ’ll want to make your way through Mahindel Swamp to gather up quests for the Black Claw Outpost, Black Claw Village, and ZemurruÂ’s Grave.  This will wrap up your campaign series for the zone as well as quickly propel you up to level 20+.  If you out level the area before youÂ’ve completed the quests never fear, you can still always come back and will continue to reap the rewards of playing here for several more levels if need be.

The Abyss has good group fun for both Elyos and Asmodae players

After level 20+ youÂ’ll move on to Morheim and Brusthonin.  Groups will want to stick mostly to Morheim and make use of the PvP and Spy quests from the zone.  The best group content at this point is just jumping into a rift and slaughtering other players in the Elyos zones.  Hapenill in the Ice Fortress offers a Spy quest right off the bat at level 20 and you can find more as you level up from Nabaru.  Pick these up as soon as possible and just hang onto them until you happen to have a group together that is willing to make their way through a rift together.  If everyone gets the quests and work together to fend off any Elyos enemies that may spot them, they can get some good experience for their troubles plus Abyss Points for any PvP kills.

Asmodian players will want to hop between Morheim and Brusthonin for variety and content.  Brusthonin is the safe area for Asmodae players where you wonÂ’t have to worry about getting jumped by PvPers.  Most of the quests and content prior to level 25 is solo content here, but there are still a couple of things a group can tackle.  Randet at the Settlers Camp offers a group quest that will take brave players to Havenjark Farm to kill a named group mob called The Lingering Ghost. It isnÂ’t a difficult project for a group but it does reward a good amount of experience and an armor piece for your hands.  You can also pick up The Ikelus Manhunt from the Settlers Camp as well that will award a title and weapon along with xp.

Access to the Abyss is available at level 25.  Complete the access quest for Reshanta and head there right away as this is where the group content gets great!  Once youÂ’ve gone through Abyss Battle Training, you are ready to pick up your first quests for your first group instance.  Talk with Konto, Leban, Lisya to gather the quests for the Nochsana Training Camp and make your first run through as soon as you can to get those out of the way.  Then you can gather friends or look for group to run through this instance as often as the lock out timer will allow until you hit level 29.

Found a great hunting spot for groups?  Please share your grouping secrets from levels 10-25 on our forums!

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