APB: Reloaded Blog Reveals More on New Breed Update

APB: Reloaded blog details more features slated for release with the upcoming New Breed part 1 update.
Reloaded Productions has posted a new developer blog for the first part of APB: ReloadedÂ’s 1.7.0 New Breed update that further elaborates on planned changes and improvements for the online shooter. Some of the changes in the works include the removal of several camping spots in the Fight Club maps, environmental changes to maps in Waterfront, Financial, Baylan and Beacon districts along with a number of vehicles, character and weapon changes are also in the works.

Now we have different speeds for Marksmanship, depending on type. For all but the heavy weapons, this has either increased or stayed the same. Large weapons such as the heavy-snipers and LMGs have had their marksmanship and run speeds reduced, but have been given the ability to sprint, albeit at a much lower speed than normal weapons. This removes an arbitrary constraint (not being able to sprint) while still maintaining the effect (the weapon is bulky and slow).

Check out the latest APB: Reloaded dev blog for all the details.

Source: APB: Reloaded Dev Blog - More 1.7.0 - Get Ready for Countdown!

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