From Madden to HEX: How to Transition

According to WePC, the video game market is expected to reach a worth of $90 billion by the end of 2020 in the United States alone. These figures reflect a consistent growth in users, as well as the recent boom in gaming interest since the rise of eSports competitions worldwide.

However, the diversity of video games isn’t represented in such figures. While the rise of eSports has helped to reinvigorate interest in a variety of fantasy and RPG games, first-person shooters and sports franchises have also benefited from the industry’s swift expansion into organized competition.

Jumping from Sports to Fantasy & RPGs

When it comes to playing the virtual iteration of a real sport, there are plenty of options that reflect popular major league sports. However, for those looking to switch from classics like Madden NFL 20 or NBA 2K20, transitioning to an action RPG like Ark: Survival Evolved might be a difficult jump.

After all, Madden players are often fans of the NFL, they follow the Super Bowl odds and create a fantasy football team. Rather than jumping into a fantasy series like Aion, trying out a franchise like Grand Theft Auto would present new users with a recognizable world in an RPG setting.

Once players become accustomed to choosing their own path in the mission-based world of GTA, shifting to a more structured (and more fantastical) world like that in The Witcher: Wild Hunt or Shadow of Mordor will be easier.

Other sports-based video games, like the long-standing Football Manager game, tread the line between sports and strategy. Those who prefer tactic-based maneuvers in a sports setting will likely be interested in PC strategy games like Warcraft and Endless Legend. There’s less action and more emphasis placed on maneuvering.

Cross-Interest Platforms

GamesBeat recently covered a startup named Sleeper, which aims to create a webchat service for eSports tournaments. So far, the company has structured its service to cater to the League of Legends Championship Series.

While LoL is now one of the most popular games worldwide, Sleeper’s chat feature will allow live-chat functions and immersive interface across a variety of games and platform. This allows gamers to unite no matter what video game they’re watching—from Madden to LoL to CS:GO.

By streamlining communication between players and viewers, there’s more opportunity for gamers to meet one another across genres. Gamers who have stuck to sports franchises can check in on a Warcraft MMO game, and vice versa. Sleeper will allow gamers more mobility when it comes to viewing and playing.

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Last Updated: Aug 12, 2020