Online Games That Continue to Grow Their Twitch Following

Over 30% of Twitch users watch streams via their mobile device, which means that streamers and gamers who keep this in mind are sure to prosper

Twitch is the undoubted king of online streaming platforms, with 41.5 million people tuning in to its myriad streams in the US alone in 2020. That number is expected to rise well into the 50 millions come 2024. This popularity tends to be primarily driven by streamers themselves who, like any broadcast network, aim to steadily build their following as they get better and better at presenting their product.

However, that is only part of the story. The games themselves are also huge driving forces on streaming sites like Twitch. Hype surrounding just one game is able to send Twitch’s viewer numbers through the roof. This was evidenced in 2017 when Fortnite first went online and blew players away with its battle royale game dynamics and its free-to-play format. Twitch had been running since 2011, and yet it was the launch of this game that truly rocketed it into the online big leagues, driven by streaming trailblazers like Ninja.

Here we look for what could be the next Fortnite from among the array of games that are being streamed on Twitch today.

Classic Games of the Past Make a Play for the Future

One of the continuing trends on Twitch is the rise of classic or even ancient games, which have been given facelifts for the internet age. Some of these include chess, poker, and retro arcade games.

Chess has taken off on Twitch due to streamers like Hikaru Nakamura and Anna Rudolf, who use their status as top-level chess players to provide streams that are both entertaining and highly informative. After all, before Twitch was around how possible was it for budding chess players to watch and learn from their idols? There is even the chance to actually challenge these top level players live on stream via sites like and

While chess is ruling the online board game world, poker is doing the same for card games, boasting streamers like Spraggy and Lex Veldhuis who can sometimes be found outperforming even Twitch’s most popular streamers. Poker streams have gained popularity for the action on the tables, as well as for the storylines that crop up around a poker player's personal life or the state of their bankroll. This means the audience becomes invested in the stream as a whole, especially if there is a good vibe in the chat. The constant breaks in play also provide for a more interactive back and forth between viewers and the streamer, giving poker streams that personal touch.

It is now commonplace for everyone and anyone to stream their online gaming exploits, whether they are playing on keyboard or controller

Grand Theft Auto V

While the Just Chatting category is now easily the most watched on Twitch, the likes of COD and LoL have been replaced in the viewing chart’s second spot by streamers who are broadcasting Grand Theft Auto V.

This is somewhat surprising seeing as the game has been out in the world for seven years, but the freedom it gives players to roam expansive worlds and create their own unique storylines makes it a real winner with Twitch users and streamers alike.

Warzone and Valorant

Just behind Grand Theft Auto V in the viewership stakes are the battle royale modern classics Warzone and Valorant. Both games came out at around the same time, in 2020, and have been duking it out on streaming platforms ever since.

While the majority of the internet’s biggest streamers appear to still prefer competing against the massive player base that Warzone boasts, the stats show that it is actually the title developed by Riot Games that has the superior Twitch following. This is due in part to the fact that Valorant requires more teamwork, which in turn fosters fun player and avatar interactions for Twitch users to follow and enjoy.


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Last Updated: Jun 18, 2021