The Video Games With The Most Real-World Value

Some video games provide little beyond a night’s worth of entertainment. But there are some game types that bring benefits that stretch far beyond the game itself. These are the games that offer real-world value; that is to say, you can use the skills and knowledge you acquire through playing in other areas of your life. Below, we’ll run through three video game types and look at what they can add to your life.

Sports Games

When you play sports games, you’re doing more than just passing the time. You’re also building your understanding of the sport. Indeed, even a beginner could become something of an expert within a short period of time, just by playing a sports game that reveals the best players, builds tactical knowledge, and all-around mimics what the sport is like “in real life.” And having this information won’t just help make you a better video game player; it’ll also bring some real-world benefits. You can put your understanding of the sport to the test by using a free bet deal to back a winner in an actual sporting match-up. You might just find that, over time, you’re correctly predicting the outcome of matches with greater accuracy.

Strategy Games

People often know how to train their bodies, but when it comes to training their minds, people are less sure of the right approach. Well, it turns out that playing strategy video games can give the players a strenuous mental workout. The result is improved memory, eye to hand coordination, and heightened sensitivity to contrasts. Furthermore, some games, such as Portal, demand that the player thinks both creatively and critically. Overall, researchers found that players can process information more quickly and have higher cognitive capabilities. And since the brain is fundamentally changed, the results are longer-lasting, too.

MMO Games

Decision-making and the ability to bond with others are not outlying qualities. They’re almost essential for anyone that wishes to succeed in the corporate world. MMO — Massive Multiplayer Online — games have been shown to improve both of these skills. After all, a wrong decision can result in a loss, and with the internet allowing team members to talk to one another, the team element of these games is more than symbolic. In some games, team members plan, strategize, and execute ideas in a manner that reflects the working world. The benefits are not diminished because it occurs in a virtual world.

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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2021