Every Fallout game so far has been a massive success due to the amazing story telling, endless amounts of things to do, and in depth customization. But what if you’ve played the game multiple times and want something a little different, or you just want something different to begin with? Well my friend, you need mods.

Fallout mods have been a large part of the PC game for almost all of the different iterations, and things really took off with Fallout New Vegas. Now with Fallout 4 reportedly having the best modding support yet, we thought we would share our picks of old Fallout mods we want to see make the transition to Fallout 4.

Dog Meat Mod

German Shepherds aren’t for everyone. Some of us would rather fight off super mutants and wander the wastes with a Doberman or shiatsu. A Dog mod could make that happen. Let us customize our canine companion just like we would a character (although that is being limited in Fallout 4).


For those who truly seek a challenge, this mod creative by one of Obsidians own employees ups the difficulty factor to levels you would have never thought possible.

You’ve got to eat, drink and rest; you can’t carry as much and the damage you take from enemy attacks is much greater than in the base game. Experience gathering also takes a hit as just levelling up takes a depressing amount of time.

You may want to play through the game on one of the regular difficulties before diving into the deep end with this mod.

Fook 2

This mod may not be needed for a while after launch, but after playing through the game a few times you’ll be looking for it. The Fook mod added a whole whack of new weapons to the game, and updated the textures of the old ones.

Not only that, it also changed the gear and weaponry that NPC’s were armed with, making each encounter new and more challenging than before.

Enhanced Weather

What’s more scary and depressing than a nuclear wasteland populated with monsters and ghouls? One that’s being pelted with a nuclear rain storm.

Enhanced weather takes climate change to the extreme as it adds intense thunder, snow and nuclear storms that will batter the wastelands inhabitants back into their vaults.

Energy Visuals Enhanced

Fallout’s critical hits are extremely satisfying and gruesome affairs, but even the explodiest of deaths gets repetitive after a while. EVE ups the wow factor of the games energy weapons by providing a whole new crop of critical hit effects and basic energy weapon visuals.

You haven’t really killed a super mutant until you’ve made him explode into a beautiful array of laser lights.

Do you have a favorite mod from a previous Fallout that you would like to see in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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