This page will always show the latest WoW Classic Best Class Tier List for both PvE and PvP. It is designed to rank classes in terms of their viability. Although some classes are considered niche or balanced, those that aren't higher tiers shouldn't be considered unplayable. While any class is fun, it's fair to say that Raiding, grouping and PvP, bring very different requirements and some classes at launch were just poor. 

Updated: 27 August

Tier List Descriptions

Tier S+ - Greatly Overpowered. These classes are undeniably strong and are considered overpowered. 

Tier S - Strong. Classes which are often first pick material and are considered top tier. 

Tier A - Balanced. These Classes should see few if any changes and are considered balanced.  

Tier B - Slightly Underpowered. These Classes niche, or require a highly skilled player to maximize their potential. 

Tier C - Underpowered. Considered weak, team compositions generally need to be built around Classes in this pool. 

Tier D Greatly Underpowered. These Classes are a liability and should be avoided. 

Tier List Movement

Moved Feral Druid to S Tier (PvE): Most reports back from classic put Feral Druid above Warrior right up to 60. Higher health, more damage, easier leveling. It only drops slightly after 60 when Protection Warriors get geared.

Moved Protection Druid to A Tier (PvE): Struggles to hold aggro due to its lack of a direct Taunt, most folks agree it's best to grab a Warrior or Druid, or take the Paladin in emergencies.

WoW Classic Best PVE Class

S+ Tier
Holy Priest: The go-to healer for WoW Classic. Massive healing potential, a varied kit and strong buffs. 
Protection Warrior: The bread-and-butter tank that's capable of holding aggro easily, and withstand plenty of punishment. 
S Tier
Restoration Druid: Plenty of mobility, strong healing over time, a combat rez, and the ability to stealth when needed. 
Feral Druid: My personal favorite, performs well in the hands of a skilled player, runs content easily, and higher damage than Prot Warrior.
Fire Mage: Mages are always needed for food and mana, but a fire mage dealt some of the highest PVE damage in the game. 
Holy Paladin: Valuable auras, able to wear plate, fairly mana efficient and some good burst healing. 
Shadow Priest: Brought along for a raid due to their ability to improve the damage of Warlocks, Shadow Priests are solid damage dealers.
Elemental Shaman: Capable of high burst damage, Elemental Shaman offer consistent damage with a varied kit. 
Restoration Shaman: Mana Tide and Mana Spring give solid healing sustain, and Nature's Swiftness gives a life-saving instant heal.
Affliction Warlock: Super easy to level, doesn't need a Tank, and DOT's deal considerable damage. 
A Tier
Survival Hunter: Like a Warlock, super easy to level with plenty of mobility.
Arcane Mage: Your damage will still - mostly - come from Frost Spells, but it's Arcane Power that does the heavy lifting (massive damage boost)
Frost Mage: Fairly squishy until you get Ice Barrier, Frost Mages deal huge damage and bring plenty of crowd control. 
Protection Paladin: The next best thing to a Warrior. Solid mitigation, reasonable taunting and valuable auras.
Retribution Paladin: Solid burst potential, Repentance brings some crowd control, and still offers valuable auras.  
Discipline Priest: Not too different to now, Discipline offers solid damage and strong off-healing. Just be aware folk will prefer you as Holy. 
Enhancement Shaman: Eye-watering damage spikes if the stars align, but the class was repeatedly nerfed. Still, very fun to play. 
Destruction Warlock: Consistently high damage, doesn't pair as well with Shadow Priests, but still offers high output. 
Demonology Warlock: Pets were - at times - a liability in Classic, but Demonology makes up for it due to it being an "off tank" spec.
B Tier
Balance Druid: Pushed out largely due to Restoration Druid, Boomkin is solid and offers reliable, steady damage output. 
Beastmaster Hunter: Limited just by the viability of pets, while Beastial Wrath has a lengthy cooldown. 
Marksman Hunter: Trueshot Aura is great, and...that's about it.
Subtlety Rogue: Mostly focused on PVP, Subtlety is all about bleeds. Not always the best choice in PVE. 
Arms Warrior: Totally viable, but again focused largely on Mortal Strike (arguably brings greater value for PVP). 
C Tier
Assassination Rogue: Steady damage but doesn't bring anything particularly valuable to PVP, besides the fact it can stealth.
Combat Rogue: Similar situation to Assassination, no real tools for PVE with better alternatives.
Fury Warrior: Duel-wielding wasn't amazing, Protection was the go-to, and there were far better consistent DPS choices.

WoW Classic Best PVP Class

S+ Tier
Frost Mage: Massive damage, masses of crowd control, just an absolute nightmare to fight in PVP.
Shadow Priest: Literally enough to make your heart sink, Shadow Priests were a headache. Tons of damage, utility and lock-down. 
Subtlety Rogue: Brilliant control in any fight, with utility and plenty to keep you pinned. Absolutely awful to fight against. 
Elemental Shaman: Huge burst potential, lots of sustain, and some key Restoration Talents help in a team setting. 
Arms Warrior: Mortal Strike. Need I say more? 
S Tier
Restoration Druid: Plenty of mobility, strong healing over time, a combat rez, and the ability to stealth when needed. 
Survival Hunter: Tons of control through Scattershot and Wingclip, a nightmare to reach and pin down if played well. 
Fire Mage: Not as strong as Frost, but they more than make up for it in burst damage potential and still comes with valuable tools (Polymorph). 
Discipline Priest: Good damage output, excellent shielding, and plenty of sustained mana output. 
Holy Priest: Transitions well from PVE to PVP. Tons of healing that can carry any team.
Restoration Shaman: Similarly to Holy Priest, it just transitions well to PVP. Mana Tide and Reincarnation go down a treat.
Affliction Warlock: DOT everyone up to the eyeballs, go AFK, and watch the kill count wrack up.
Destruction Warlock: Lots of burst potential and if you're left unattended, you'll melt health pools quickly. 
B Tier
Enhancement Shaman: Ridiculous burst when the stars align, but nerfed heavily and can be stun-locked.
Marksmanship Hunter: Too little crowd control and Multishot focus is fairly lacklustre compared to Survivalist.
Holy Paladin: Easily interrupted, Shadow Priests have a field day with you. Little mobility.
Retribution Paladin: Despite reasonable burst, there's just far better DPS classes with far greater mobility.
Assassination Rogue: Pushed out by Subtlety, Assassination lacks the control or kill time needed.
C Tier
Feral Druid: Probably harsh, but more a nuisance than of any real value unless seriously geared.
Arcane Mage: No real need to ever go Arcane when you can go Frost, and shit on ever player possible.
Combat Rogue: Similar situation to Arcane Mage, why both when you have Subtlety?
Demonology Warlock: They bring nothing of value to PVP in comparison to Affliction.
Fury Warrior: It can be difficult to stick to targets and get your Fury high enough to consistently deal damage.
D Tier
Balanced Druid: Too static, and eclipsed massively by just about every other DPS class.
Beastmaster Hunter: Similarly to Boomkin, there's just no real value here. Pets can be killed/ignored and it leaves you super vulnerable.
Protection Paladin: Just a damage sponge and...that's it.
Protection Warrior: Exact same boat as his Paladin peer: no damage, no utility in PVP.

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