you are Rrunning random circles around Dalaran bored out of your
mind. You desperately want to get into a group, any group, to kill some
time, and you certainly won‘t say no to some sweet new gear
for your toon either. Just then across your screen comes the call: LFM
Naxxramas 25. You want to go, never mind that you have never set foot
inside Naxxramas before, or the fact you are geared in mostly quest
blues and greens, you want in. The problem is the raid leader is asking
all potential invites to have completed Naxxramas at least once before,
and they want you to link the achievement to prove it. You sigh and
think if only there was an addon for that.

Turns out there actually is an add on that will fake your achievements
for you. Find out a little about the mod, if it‘s worth
downloading and my personal opinion on it below.:


Achievements, Boss Encounters, and Chat & Communication



target="_blank">Click Here!

Underachiever is a mod that will in essence fake achievements for you.
This mod will make it look like you have completed whatever achievement
you choose. If you wish to make it look like you participated in the
Realm First Yogg-Saron kill this mod will do it for you with very
little hassle.

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This mod works upon installation, which gains many mod bonus points
with me. Mods that take large amounts of time to set up are just not
for me. Once installed simply bring up your achievement list, and you
can begin faking it. Achievements may also be linked and faked any time
you see them posted in chat. Using a mod such as Overachiever, which
allows you to search and view any achievement, in addition to this mod
will allow you to find and link achievements with greater ease.

The options menu is short, and easy to understand, providing options
such as the random picking of dates, and auto-faking (Fwhich fakes
achievements as soon as they are linked). An advanced linking option is
also provided for those that would like to tweak their faked
achievements a little bit more. Advanced linking allows the user to
change various aspects of the achievement and also will give you the
option to use other player’s names on the achievement using a
handy drop down menu.

Overall this mod is excellently built and executes its intended
functions well.  I faked several achievements much to the
amusement of my guild mates shortly after installing it. I can really
see the appeal of faking achievements, especially for those players
constantly being left out of the PUG scene simply because they cannot
provide links to certain achievements. I really feel that raid leaders
in general have started to put too much emphasis on a simple link, and
I sympathize with those who are turned away because of it. We all
(should) know that an achievement does not a good player make.

All that being said I simply cannot completely get behind this mod.
While I do think it’s very innovative, and will appeal to a
certain kind of player, the dishonestly involved when using this mod
just does not appeal to me at all. The only time I would ever use this
mod in game play would be for entertainment purposes amongst my friends.

href="" target="_blank"> src="" alt=""
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 197px;">Underachiever's
options menu is simple and easy to use.

Part of my
dislike of this mod comes from being able to put myself in the shoes of
a raid leader. If I were trying to collect the best players possible I
would be very unhappy if someone used this method to get into one of my
raids, especially if that person performed poorly. For instance if I
were looking for experienced players to run ICC 10, and ended up with 5
people who had never even entered the instance before but used this mod
to fake it, how far do you think that raid would actually

does allow you to fake it in game, it does not actually grant you the
achievement. If for whatever reason the raid leader decides to check
out your armory link they will easily be able to see that you have not
completed the needed achievements. While most raid leaders do not take
the time to actually double check on the armory if your performance is
poor and it becomes painfully obvious you have never been in the
instance before, or if someone happens to view your gear and it is
subpar, it may prompt them to do some extra research. This may mean
that you will gain a black mark against your name, insuring that you
will never be invited back to that particular group (or other groups
who find out about your faking) ever again.

Once again I would like to state that I do understand the reasoning
behind using this mod. I can’t stress enough that I do not
think that players choosing to use it are bad players, or bad people.
The mod does not break any of the Blizzard terms of service so players
choosing to use it while maybe offending in game etiquette are not
breaking any  real rules beyond those arbitrarily created or
enforced by the players themselves. All I humbly ask is those players
who plan to use this mod, please do some research before venturing into
an instance (there are some great easy to read href="" target="_blank">instance
guides right here at Ten Ton
Hammer), it will not only help make up for the method used to get into
the raid, but will improve your chances of getting invited back.

So while I cannot say that I will ever personally use it, any player
looking for a mod that will assist them in getting into PUG groups of
every shape and size by circumventing the achievement barrier, this is
the one for you. Download it, and it will do everything you want, and
with an ease that will amaze you. Remember we at Ten Ton Hammer always
love to hear from you, so join us on our forums to share your opinion
on the use of this mod, and any of your personal experiences with it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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