Black Gold Previews the Beastmaster Class

Black Gold Online reveals more about its warrior of nature and their beastly companions.

It’s not Dar the Beastmaster, but it’s close enough. Black Gold Online recently revealed more about its Beastmaster class. The Beastmaster makes use of crowd control abilities and melee attacks as well as a number of summoned beast companions in combat. Beastmasters come equipped with several handy skills and special moves that include:

  • Law of the Jungle: in the jungle its eat or be eaten. The Beastmaster draws inspiration from the savage wild, increasing stealth and critical hit damage while leave enemies stricken by trepidation and caution.
  • Thunder-crack: masters a powerful tropical storm, causing devastating lightning damage over a designated area of ground.
  • Spirit Creature: the Beastmaster calls upon an ancient animal spirit to thrash their enemies. Casted over an area, the beastly specters cause heavy, repetitive damage.

You can read more about the Beastmaster on the Black Gold Online website.

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