Black Prophecy Developer Reakktor Media Facing Closure

Black Prophecy developer Reakktor Media nears closure following the start of the insolvency process but remains hopeful of finding a new commission.

Online gaming can be a risky business and Black Prophecy developer Reakktor Media is the latest dev to find itself on the verge of a shutdown following the start of its insolvency process. Reakktor Media is a small developer that employs only 50 people and has its core development talent in online games such as Black Prophecy and Neocron. Despite the financial uphill struggle the developer is facing, Reakktor Managing Director Kirk Lenke stated that the company is ready to take on any commissioned work and that it even has a Diablo-style sci-fi game in the works.

"We are in a position to accomplish basically anything what is played right now, even if we were focused in the recent times on multiplayer mobile gaming. However, the MMO area is historically our organically grown core competence.

Reakktor MediaÂ’s future is still uncertain but we wish them the best of luck. Whether a last minute commission can save the company or not is unknown, so stay tuned and weÂ’ll update you with the fate of the developer.


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