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Gird your loins, mighty heroes, for now you’ll dive deep into the depths of the underwater zone of Lemuria.
Gird your loins, mighty heroes, for now you’ll dive deep into the depths of the underwater zone of Lemuria. This zone is the highest level zone in Champions Online and can only be reached via submarine from Monster Island after completing the Lemuria Crisis mission. The zone of Lemuria is the location of the Lemurian civilization, which sank beneath the waves thousands of years ago. Long ago, the Lemurians ruled the earth, but they created a powerful weapon, the Mandragalore, to enforce their will upon the other races. However, the Mandragalore was too powerful for them to control, and the result was the end of their civilization and the sinking of their land. Now, the Lemurians fight amongst themselves as many have again started worshipping the Bleak Ones, ancient gods that promise only destruction to their followers.

Lemurians are not the only danger that heroes will face in this murky, underwater region. There are vicious sea creatures that have been tainted by radiation, seeking to rend tender flesh with their razor sharp fangs. There is also the race of shark men called the Karkaradon patrolling the sea depths. Lastly, there are the spectral spirits of long dead seamen and pirates who haunt the ocean floor. There are dangers aplenty lurking in the depths of Lemuria!

Lemuria, like every other zone in Champions Online, has a number of specific areas called neighborhoods. In all, Lemuria has three neighborhoods, with each neighborhood located at a different depth than the others. As you proceed north, each neighborhood is on a lower depth, with the final neighborhood being very deep indeed. As you navigate through the treacherous waters, keep an eye out for any hostile opponents. You are in a 360 degree environment, so danger lurks not just in front and behind you, but also above and below as well. For each neighborhood, we’ll give you the level range, if there are any respawn points, and the enemies that you’ll be facing there. Let’s get to it! Dive! Dive! Dive!

Undying Reef
Respawn: Yes
Level: 33-36
 The Undying Reef is your starter area for this zone. Foremost, the Aegir submarine is located here, which provides you transport back to Monster Island and also houses a powerhouse allowing you to train up as you level. Two other features in this area are Arvad’s Palace and the Acropolis Lemuria, a Lemurian underwater city. The Undying Reef is the neighborhood located closest to the surface of the ocean, and the area is well lit and full of colorful coral.

Your primary enemies here are the Lemurian Rebels, which include Gladiators, Elemental Masters, Dark Adepts, Lemurian Revolutionaries, Aquatic Lemurian Bombers, Ionic Adepts, Lemurian Anarchists, and Onslaught Submarines. There are a handful of Bleak Minions, Lemurians who worship the Bleak Ones and who have further regressed evolutionary, but they are all Transformation Priests. The dangerous Sea Creatures in this area include Radioactive Reef Sharks, Radioactive Barracuda, Radioactive Hammerhead Sharks, and Radioactive Great White Sharks. Finally, there are the Empyrean Constructs, large animated statues, such as Hardened Constructs, Unyielding Empyrean Constructs, and Power Corroders.

The Caliginous Depths
Respawn: Yes
Level: 37-40
The Caliginous Depths occupies the middle area of the zone and lies below the Undying Reef and above Rastrinfhar's Abyss. This area is home to the Bureau 17 Sealab, the Monument to Priest King Faltrah Lem (a statue of two arms raised with the hands lightly clasping), and the Wreck of the Cherenkov, a Soviet sub that wrecked here during the 1950s during the Cold War. The open mission, Plunder of the Sea, can be found here. The Cherenkov is interesting in that it is surrounded by Evil Spirits, namely Zombies who are the remains of the Soviet crew. The Zombies can heal themselves and can come back after you drop them, so keep an eye on them. They also have some great dialogue if you’re listening. My favorite is, “While I find your brain decadent, I also find it delicious!” Awesome stuff!

Your enemies in this neighborhood are your usual Lemurian Rebels, such as Dark Apprentices, Ionic Apprentices, Engineers, and Elemental Masters. The walking statues, the Empyrean Constructs, are here as well, including Power Corroders, Power Collectors, Unyielding Empyrean Constructs, and Hardened Constructs. The shark men, called the Karkaradon, can be found here as well. These toothy foes include Sharptooths, Impalers, Harvesters, Threshers, Hammerheads, and Karkaradon Generals.

Hanging out by the open mission are Robot Pirates. Yes, robot pirates! These mechanical buccaneers include Marksmen, Brawlers, Deck Hands, Hookslicers, and Cannoneers. Finally, the area abounds with vicious Sea Creatures, such as Kaleidoscope Lyretails, Fleshripper Swarms, Radioactive Barracuda, Radioactive Great White Sharks, Panther Sharks, and Radioactive Hammerhead Sharks.

Rastrinfhar's Abyss
Respawn: Yes
Level: 38-41
Lit by flickering volcanoes on the ocean floor, this neighborhood is the deepest one in Lemuria. Located in this area are the Mandragalore (the weapon that sank ancient Lemuria), the Ship Graveyard, and the Temple of the Bleak Ones. Also located here is the open mission, Ship of Foul, which can be found in the near a school of giant jellyfish. Be careful while swimming through the jellyfish as touching them will damage you. The open mission takes place around the fabled ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman.

Personally, the most interesting area in this neighborhood is the Ship Graveyard, which is exactly what it is. It’s a graveyard full of sunken ships, with ghostly sailors and pirates still haunting Davy Jones’ Locker. The Pirate Ghosts that can be found in this area are Deck Hands, Cannoneers, Hookslicers, Marksmen, First Mates, Brawlers, and various pirate captains.

Next, we have Bleak Minions who can be found around the Temple of the Bleak Ones. Their forces include Gladiators, Gnashers, Spurters, Stormbringers, Abyssal Priests, Lemurian Executioners, Flamekeepers, Champions, and Vengeance Fiends. Our old friends, the Lemurian Rebels are here as well, represented by Ionic Adepts, Ionic Apprentices, Oracle Apprentices, and Oracle Adepts. The Karkaradon shark men also make an appearance with Threshers, Harvesters, and Sharptooths.

There are a small number of Elder Worms that can be found north of the Temple, and their numbers include Aspirants, Initiates, Sorcerers, Followers, and Annelid Horrors. In addition, there are a number of Empyrean Constructs walking around, such as Ancient Empyrean Constructs, Power Corroders, Unyielding Empyrean Constructs, and Hardened Constructs. Finally, Sea Creatures can be found throughout this neighborhood. Keep an eye out for Anglerfish, Fleshripper Swarms, Radioactive Tiger Sharks, and Radioactive Great White Sharks.

Lemuria is a fascinating zone, and it is different from all the other zones in Champions Online. It takes awhile to get used to keeping an eye out for danger above and below you in addition to front and behind. There is one negative in that there is no place to sell any of the items you pick up; you’ll have to go back to Monster Island for that. Filled with underwater ruins, ancient temples, and wrecked ships, Lemuria holds many secrets. The briny deep beckons your hero with adventure and danger, so get out there!

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