Champions Online: New Tier 4 Powers Overview

Champions Online has always had a wide variety of powers for players to choose for their mighty superheroes. Finally, that vast number of powers has been ad
Champions Online has always had a wide variety of powers for players to choose for their mighty superheroes. Finally, that vast number of powers has been added to. In the newest expansion for CO, Revelation, six new powers become available for the mighty defenders of justice in the action-packed Champions Universe.

In Revelation, players travel to the newest zone in the game, Vibora Bay. This seaside city, located in the Florida panhandle, is a mystical based zone with lots of southern gothic charm. It is Vibora Bay that is the means to acquiring these new powers.

To begin, the new powers are considered Tier 4 powers. This means that to get the new power, you have to have 10 powers already from the power grouping that the power is based in. An example is Energy Storm which is based on the Energy Projector power sets, which are: Electricity, Fire, Force, and Ice power sets. You must have at least 10 powers from those power sets to get Energy Storm. In addition to needing 10 powers, you also need to have finished the Vibora Bay Apocalypse mission chain. This mission chain is the Crisis introduction to the zone. To recap: to gain access to the new Tier 4 powers, you need to finish the Vibora Bay Apocalypse mission chain and have 10 powers from the power grouping associated with the Tier 4 power itself.

We will now examine the new Tier 4 powers one by one. We’ll list the associated power sets for each power, the type of power, the effects, and any advantages that you can purchase for the power. Sharp-eyed players will note that all of the new powers are attack powers. These new powers are all about laying the smackdown on your foes!

Tier 4 Powers

Energy Storm
Power Grouping: Energy Projector Power Sets
Power Sets: Electricity, Fire, Force, Ice
Type: Ranged Attack
Description: Absorbs power from your enemies and sends it back at them with cataclysmic fury.

Consume Energy
Method: Maintain
  • All enemies in a forward arc are slowed.
  • For each enemy slowed, you will gain a stack of the Infused Energy buff, which increases all damage you deal for a short duration.
  • While you are affected by Infused Energy, this power becomes Unleashed Tempest.
  • If an affected enemy is under the effect of Clinging Flames, Negative Ions, or Chill, that effect will be consumed, and grant you an appropriate type of Energy Charge. 
  • If an affected enemy is protected by a force field type effect, such as Containment Field, that effect will be significantly degraded, and you will be granted a Force Energy Charge.
  • This power has a 30 second cooldown that begins when the Infused Energy buffs expire.
Unleashed Tempest
Method: Click
  • Extremely powerful single target Particle Damage attack.
  • If enhanced by Energy Charge - Fire, this attack will detonate in an area of effect on contact with the target.
  • If enhanced by Energy Charge - Ice, this attack gains a significant bonus to critical severity.
  • If enhanced by Energy Charge - Electricity, this attack will chain to a second target.
  • If enhanced by Energy Charge - Force, this attack will significantly reduce the target's damage for a short duration.
  • In addition, each type of Energy Charge increases the damage done by your Unleashed Tempest, and reduces its energy cost.
  • Activating Unleashed Tempest consumes all instances of the Infused Energy buff and triggers the cooldown on Consume Energy.
  • Weather the Storm - Secondary energy effects, such as Clinging Flames, have a chance to not be consumed when you use Energy Storm.

Implosion Engine
Power Grouping: Gadgeteer Power Sets
Power Sets: Archery, Gadgeteering, Munitions, Power Armor
Type: Ranged Area Attack   
Description: You throw an Implosion Engine, a device that generates a massive gravitational vortex in a very small area, sucking in nearby matter, and dealing significant dimensional damage. The Engine can be targeted and destroyed, but since you're a genius, you thought of that, so, obviously, you gave it a force field.
Method: Click
  • Create and throw an Implosion Engine at your target, dealing Dimensional Damage and pulling enemies in.
  • The Engine can be targeted and damaged, but is protected by a forcefield.
  • Increasing the rank of this power increases both the damage it deals and the strength of its forcefield.
  • The damage caused by this device generates an extremely high amount of aggro, drawing the fire of affected enemies. Only a small portion of this aggro transfers back to you when the Engine dies or expires.
  • Inverse Polarization Field –After six seconds, the polarity of the gravitational field created by your implosion engine will reverse, sending all affected enemies flying.

 Fury of the Dragon
Power Grouping: Martial Arts Power Sets
Power Sets: Dual Blade, Single Blade, Martial Arts, Fighting Claws
Type: Close Area Attack
Description: Fury of the Dragon causes a chaotic attack of claws and fire, dealing damage to nearby foes.
Method: Click
  • Deals slashing and fire damage to nearby targets.
  • If you are affected by Heightened Focus, this attack also snares your foes.
  • Each stack of Heightened Focus increases the damage of this attack by 20%, above and beyond the normal bonus damage they grant.
  • When this power ends, it consumes all instances of Heightened Focus.
  • Real Ultimate Power - The purpose of this advantage is to flip out and make people to bleed. Your Fury of the Dragon has multiple chances to cause a bleed effect on the target.

Mind Link
Power Grouping: Mentalist Power Sets
Power Sets: Telekinesis, Telepathy
Type: Close Area Attack
Description: This telepathic link allows you to share your pain with the enemies around you by forging a psychic bond that transfers some of the damage you take back to them.
Method: Maintain
  • Any damage dealt to you while you maintain this power is immediately dealt back to all targets in range, up to a maximum of your Ego x 4.
  • Damage from this effect causes very little threat.
  • Increasing the rank of this power increases the damage returned.
  • At Rank 2, this power deals a maximum of Ego x 5 damage.
  • At Rank 3, this power deals a maximum of Ego x 6 damage.
  • Aggression Inhibitor - All damage you take while maintaining this power is reduced by 20%.

Unleashed Rage
Power Grouping: Brick Power Sets
Power Sets: Might
Type: Close Area Attack
Description: Unleashed Rage lets forth a deafening shout, terrifying and damaging nearby foes.
Method: Click
  • Deals sonic damage to nearby targets.
  • Knocks down affected targets.
  • Fears affected targets, causing the enemy to cower in your presence and reducing the damage they deal.
  • Consumes all stacks of Enrage and deals additional damage for each stack it consumes.
  • Berserking - With this advantage, the Unleashed Rage power has a 20% chance to not consume your Enrage buffs when activated.

Planar Fracture
Power Grouping: Mystic Power Sets
Power Sets: Sorcery, Darkness, Supernatural, Celestial
Type: Ranged Area Attack
Description: Planar Fracture creates a tear in time and space, linking this plane with another. Chaotic energy pours forth from the fracture, causing random damage and status effects on your foes.
Method: Charge
  • Creates a Planar Fracture near your target.
  • Planar Fracture deals dimensional damage to targets close to it.
  • The chaotic energies flowing from the Planar Fracture create random status effects on nearby enemies.
  • Must be fully charged.
  • Double Vortex - Your Planar Fracture now causes 2 random debuffs on each target instead of 1.

As you can see, the Tier 4 powers dovetail nicely into the roles associated with the various power sets, such as Fury of the Dragon being a nice melee DPS power. In fact, most of the powers (Fury of the Dragon, Energy Storm, Implosion Engine, and Mind Link) are good for various DPS builds. Unleashed Rage is a nice tank power, dealing damage, fear, and knockdown, while Planar Fracture is a good support power in that while dealing damage to a target, it does debuff nearby enemies. Great for messing up the well-laid plans of the bad guys.

There you have it, my friends; a comprehensive list of the new Tier 4 powers to be found in Vibora Bay. While not game breaking, these new powers will help enhance the effectiveness of your heroes as they sally forth into a world in need of justice. Now get out there and start doing some good!

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