Champions Online: Millennium City Tutorial Guide

The tutorial zone in Champions Online is not your typical festival of "press this button to move forward" commands. No, there's a full-scale alien invasion going on right as you enter the game. William "JoBildo" Murphy has compiled this handy little quest guide to help you either get every last detail, or to burn through the tutorial and into the real world as quickly as possible. Take a look!

Millennium City, the sprawling and shining metropolis of Champions Online, is under direct attack from the Qulaar: an alien race whose motives remain unclear to even the Champions themselves.  The call goes out to all able-bodied heroes to lend a hand in helping to repel the onslaught and clean up the mess the Qulaar are making.   


This is the Tutorial instance of Champions Online.  It’s where you’ll learn the basic structure of quests, combat, items, Open Missions, and even private instances.  But before we dive into the quest details, here are a few helpful notes to get you on your way in the alien-ravaged city: 

  • The Millennium City tutorial is limited to just 25 players per instance of the map.  This is due to the relatively small size of the zone, and should not be taken as indicative of the entire game’s scope.  You’ll see many more people and much larger areas once you’ve defeated the Tutorial and first Crisis Zones (Desert and Canada).
  • There are a couple of optional quests in the tutorial that will give you some nice XP, and decent low level rewards.  Nothing in the tutorial is really enough to be afraid of, so if you see an exclamation point on your map, you’re probably better off checking it out.
  • Objects all over the game world can be picked up and used as weapons by your hero.  Some are too big except for those heroes who have super-strength, but every hero can pick up and toss debris, boxes, and the like.  Be sure to use these to your advantage as some enemies will fly just out of reach of melee attacks in the tutorial zone. 
  • Your first run-in with the Open Missions system happens near the end of the tutorial.  Grouping is not required, but as you’ll see there’s no need.  You’re all after the same thing (helping a hero named Ironclad), and the quest will complete for all of you in the area if you succeed. 

Optional Missions


The majority of the missions in the tutorial are aimed at getting you to learn the basics and shove you off into the real world.  But strewn about the city as you help the Champions repel the invasion, you’ll find several additional quests that aren’t necessary but offer a good amount of XP and a fun time in general. 

[1] Heroes Wanted 

CONTACT: Socrates

QUEST TYPE: Interaction

OBJECTIVES: Accept Mission.

DETAILS: By accepting this early mission from the Socrates terminal, you’re granted 5 Hero Points.  Hero Points basically make your hero more effective in combat.  The max is 5, and they go down each time you are defeated in combat.  If this happens, you can refill your Hero Points by fighting and completing missions. 

[1] Gear Up 

CONTACT: Quartermaster Flume

QUEST TYPE: Interaction

OBJECTIVES: Talk to Quartermaster Flume.

DETAILS: Pretty simple stuff.  Talk to Flume to get some decent newbie gear to parade around with.  It’s not necessary to complete, but really… why wouldn’t you? 

[2] Vacation Salvation 

CONTACT: Griswold

QUEST TYPE: Collection

OBJECTIVES: Collect Griswold’s Suitcase, Tickets, and Passport to help him get back on track with his vacation.

DETAILS: Griswold was headed on vacation when the attack happened, and now he’s asking you to help him get back on track to relaxation.  The big villain Qulaar in the middle of the fountain (to the NE of Griswold) has his passport, the tickets can be retrieved from any of the lesser Qulaar, and his suitcase is found just a bit further down the alley to the NE. 

[3] Urbanites Incapacitated 

CONTACT: Pop-Up Quest / Chief Surhoff

QUEST TYPE: Interaction

OBJECTIVES: Rescue 3 citizens trapped beneath the rubble by the Qulaar.

DETAILS: At a point near the middle of the tutorial you’ll be herded by an area with lots of Qulaar and people trapped beneath the rubble of the broken city.  A quest will pop up on the screen which is entirely optional to complete.  Simply drive away the Qulaar and use the action key (default F or Z) to free the incapacitated people, then return to Chief Surhoff for your reward. 

[3] Speed in Need 

CONTACT: Police Car


OBJECTIVES: Rescue Kinetik.

DETAILS: Nearby the debris-trapped city-dwellers, you’ll see a cop car and as you near it a pop-up quest will register.  It’s a distress call from a Speedster named Kinetik who’s been trapped by the Qulaar.  Use your map to discover his location, and fight off the baddies keeping him locked in a cage.  The villain there can be a tough mamma-jamma, so it might help to bring a friend if you can. 

[3] Student Buddies 

CONTACT: Melanie

QUEST TYPE: Rescue / Escort

OBJECTIVES: Escort Melanie back to her friend Breanna.

DETAILS: Nearby the debris-trapped city-dwellers, you’ll see a cop car and as you near it a pop-up quest will register.  It’s a distress call from a Speedster named Kinetik who’s been trapped by the Qulaar.  Use your map to discover his location, and fight off the baddies keeping him locked in a cage.  The villain there can be a tough mamma-jamma, so it might help to bring a friend if you can. 

Main Mission Arc: Qulaar Invasion


The following is a chronological listing of the missions that are required to be completed in order to finish the Tutorial.  If you’re looking for the fastest way through the early stages of the game, this is your ticket. 

[1] Meet Socrates 

CONTACT: Sgt. McAvoy

QUEST TYPE: Interaction

OBJECTIVES: Talk to Socrates Computer

DETAILS: Directly behind McAvoy is a computer terminal known as Socrates.  These guys will often be a help for questing in Millennium City proper.  Talk to it for your next quests.   

[1] Seeding Frenzy 

CONTACT: Socrates


OBJECTIVES: Destroy 3 Qulaar Pods.

DETAILS: To the south of Socrates a mass of Qulaar Drone pods are preparing to hatch.  It’s your job to wipe some of them out.  Destroy 3, and return to Socrates.   

[1] Chip Off the Old 

CONTACT: Captain Henry

QUEST TYPE: Block Training

OBJECTIVES: Block 3 incoming blasts from the MC Police.

DETAILS: This one’s meant to teach you how to block, a foreign concept in most MMOGs.  Talk to the Captain and then to any one of the many police standing there with guns at the ready.  When you see the icon above their heads that means it’s time to block (Shift by default).  Do this successfully three times in order to complete the quest.   

[1] Millennium’s Mayor 

CONTACT: Mayor Biselle


OBJECTIVES: Talk to Mayor Biselle, under one of the riot tents.

DETAILS: Just talk to the Mayor, and he’ll get you started on what he needs to help stop the invasion. 

[1] Mayor’s Mementos 

CONTACT: Mayor Biselle

QUEST TYPE: Combat / Collection

OBJECTIVES: Fight your way through the Qulaar in the wrecked building, and retrieve the Mayor’s belongings. 

DETAILS: The Mayor’s lost some things in a building that’s now in ruins.  Once inside the ruins, follow the path inside to the left and around in a circle.  On the way you’ll have to fight some easy Qulaar, and you’ll see the Mayor’s things loud and clear by the fact that they’re shiny and glowing amid the dirt and debris. 

[2] Mail to the Chief 

CONTACT: Chief Surhoff


OBJECTIVES: Take the note and photos from the Mayor to Police Chief Surhoff.

DETAILS: The Mayor wants you to take the reconnaissance information to the Police Chief.  Fight your way along the city’s ruined streets to get to him. 

[2] Citizens Distressed 

CONTACT: Chief Surhoff

QUEST TYPE: Combat / Rescue

OBJECTIVES: Deafeat the Qulaar antagonizing local citizens and emergency workers (5)

DETAILS: Near the fountain to the NE the Qulaar are harassing citizens.  Defeat them and rescue the citizens in the process. 

[2] Prescription Retention 

CONTACT: Chief Surhoff

QUEST TYPE: Combat / Collection

OBJECTIVES: Retrieve 3 stolen medical supplies from the invading Qulaar.

DETAILS: To the SW, fight the Qulaar and retrieve the stolen medical supplies for Chief Surhoff’s ailing men and women. 

[3] Silver Avenger Sandwich 

CONTACT: Mayte Sanchez


OBJECTIVES: Talk to Mayte Sanchez.

DETAILS: The Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez is pinned down amid the noise and confusion.  The Chief wants you to go and help her with anything you can. 

[3] Signal to Noise 

CONTACT: Mayte Sanchez

QUEST TYPE: Combat / Item Use

OBJECTIVES: Use Sonic Pacifier on 3 Enraged Drones, and destroy the Communications Console.  Then take the Pacifier to Dr. Silverback’s hologram outside the Champions HQ.

DETAILS: The Qulaar drones are being agitated by something, and this Pacifier will temporarily stun them and take readings of their brain activity.  Use it on three enraged (noted by their massive size) drones, and then destroy the Communications Console to the NW of Mayte Sanchez.  After you’ve done both, head to the SE to fine Dr. Silverback in holographic form.   

[3] Full Metal Jacket 

CONTACT: Dr. Silverback

QUEST TYPE: Open Mission

OBJECTIVES: Complete the Battle of the Ironclad Open Mission.

DETAILS: If this is your first time through an Open Mission in Champions Online, you’ll find them something new altogether.  Simply walk up the hill behind Silverback, and you’ll see the Open Mission’s objectives in the upper-right of your screen.  No need to group with other players if you don’t want to.  Just lend in hand in completing each objective until the quest updates as completed.  Rewards are given out at the end of each Open Mission, based on players’ participation and time spent in the area during that mission.  It will reset after about 40 seconds, so feel free to stay and try again!   

[4] Homestead Security 

CONTACT: Dr. Silverback

QUEST TYPE: Instanced Mission

OBJECTIVES: Enter the Champions HQ.

DETAILS: Dr. Silverback has determined that the signal attracting the Qulaar is coming from inside the Champions HQ.  He wants you to go inside and find and eradicate whatever is causing that signal to be broadcast.  Before entering the building though, make sure you’ve completed any other missions you might have open, as you won’t get a chance to do so after this instance. 

Champions HQ – The Ironclad Defense


Dr. Destroyer has infiltrated the Champions HQ and is using a high-frequency beacon to attract the Qulaar.  It’s up to you to shut down the beacons, defeat the enemies inside, and let the Ironclad Defense weapon be launched to drive away the Qulaar.   

[4] The Ironclad Defense 

CONTACT: Dr. Silverback

QUEST TYPE: Instanced Mission

OBJECTIVES: Find Defender

DETAILS: Once inside Dr. Silverback will contact you about what’s going on at the HQ, and instruct you to find Defender and help him get to the bottom of this invasion.  Fight your way through the Qulaar and the Trooper Bots to find Defender.  Once you do, talk to him, and he’ll lead you to the next step… defeating Black Talon: one of Dr. Destroyer’s sinister villains.   

Black Talon (Boss Fight) 

About halfway through the fight, Defender will be knocked out, and you’ll have to finish Black Talon on your own.  If you’re coming into the zone less than level 4, he could be hard.  So use caution, and when you see lasers start to shine on the floor, get your block up.  The rest of the time beat the living snot out of him with whatever you have left.  When he falls, you’ll not only get a new Perk, but you’ll also likely get some decent gear too. 

Shut Down Beacons 

The final step of the tutorial is rather anti-climactic.  Just follow Defender around the room where you fought Black Talon, defeat the robots, and disable the beacons.  Then he’ll lead you to the room where the Ironclad Defense can be launched.  Congratulations… because you’ve just saved the city with the help of a ninny in white tights who was more a tour guide than a help.  But we won’t hold that against him. 

Head out of the HQ and be prepared to be greeted with a very warm welcome.  From here, you’ll have two new contacts to follow.  One will lead you to the Desert Disaster Zone and the other will take you to the Crisis in Canada.  It’s up to you which you choose, but we’ve got you covered with guides for both!  

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