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PAX 2009 hasn't even started and there's already talk
of new
games and expansions. One big rumor that we were able to confirm with
an inside source at PAX is that SOE is working on a new and likely more
casual Star Wars MMO property. Read on to see what juicy details we
could discover in Loading... A New Star Wars MMO?


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From time to time we get to hear some juicy tidbits while we travel
from event to event. With crowds of adrenaline-pumped gamers, and
energetic developers, lots of conversation takes place, and every once
in a while we hear something that causes everyone’s ears to
perk up.

latest of such incidents: Ten Ton Hammer has learned from an inside
source that Sony Online Entertainment has once again partnered up with
LucasArts to do another Star Wars MMO. While we have not yet learned
the title of the upcoming game, it sounds like SOE is planning to use
the browser-based Free Realms engine to power the game, and the
setting will be the Clone Wars. Does this mean Star Wars mini-games
within the game, like the holographic chess-like game as seen in A New
Hope? Unknown, but it would be cool to hit up a cantina with some buds
and sit down for a few mini games.

A casual Star Wars MMO
property was probably obvious in hindsight. Look no farther than LEGO
Star Wars for proof that a fun, stylized version of Star Wars can sell
big, attracted kids and adults alike. Plus, there was an unusually
large focus on Star Wars Galaxies at this year’s Fan Faire,
and perhaps
this was in attempt to rekindle the SOE/LucasArts hype.

soon? Former and current Star Wars Galaxies players can still remember
the sting of the NGE that changed the face of that game for everyone.
SOE has repeatedly said that they have learned from their mistakes, and
plan to not repeat them. If SOE isn't expressly targetting the hardcore
segment this time around, they (unlike BioWare) won't have quite the
same initial level of expectations to deal with. 

Don't let
us give you the impression that SOE plans to take on BioWare, and their
highly anticipated MMOG debut, The Old Republic, particularly given the
engine the game is rumored to be based on. More plausible is that it
will be based off the Clone Wars CGI animated film, offering a more
stylized approach to the universe. Free Realms boasts over four million
registered players, and a lot of this can undoubtedly be attributed to
the accessibility and polish of the web-based engine. The initial
download is exceptionally small, as the client downloads content as
players explore the world. This formula seems more and more to be a key
component to popular MMOGs, if the success of Free Realms and to a
larger extent, World of Warcraft, is any indication.

So who’s
the target audience of the game? Again, it’s unknown.
It’s possible,
though quite unlikely, that it will be aimed at a younger audience.
More likely it will target a casual crowd of several generations who
have had Star Wars ingrained as much into their culture as Burger King
and McDonalds.

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aren't there?), and the game's intrigue deepens.

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"In other news: New
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  • Man
    uses car to rob porn shop

    vehicle appeared to be in need of a lube job, and video of the getaway
    showed his trunk open, spare tire visible, and the jack off.
  • href="http://www.wwl.com/Woman-posing-on-police-car-leads-to-probe/5142745">Woman
    posing on police car leads to probe

    Authorities have yet to determine which detective will be assigned to
    probe the woman.
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    bitten off during Health Care rally

    It’s unknown if the victim has valid health coverage, but we
    are aware that the injury count is sure to run into single digits.

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