Former 38 Studios Employees Discuss the Studio's Downfall

Former 38 Studios employees speak up in defense of Curt Schilling following the studio’s closure last month.

Gamasutra has put together a detailed report about the collapse of 38 Studios citing several anonymous sources formerly employed by the studio. Several of the sources told Gamasutra that “the characterization of 38 Studios as a heavily-funded studio that bungled its resources at taxpayer expense is not entirely accurate” and referred to Schilling as a “kind patron and supportive leader” with “naive optimism” that was manipulated by executives and politicians.

The story further explains that the studio didnÂ’t indulge in lavish spending and only filled the office with what was needed to work. The sources point to Governor Lincoln ChafeeÂ’s characterization of 38 Studios as one of the main reasons for the developerÂ’s downfall. Accusations that Chafee leaked misinformation that scared off investors and mischaracterized the Rhode Island loan deal also get touched on.

One source referred to Schilling as "one of the good guys" despite the way certain media is potraying him and points to the 38 Studios VPs.

He was a naive sucker, and I think his VPs played him, but he always had the kindest intents for everyone, and was never malicious or manipulative. He deserves that much to be known."

The sad part of this story is about aftermath that left 38 Studios and Big Huge Games members without pay or health insurance following the studio's shutdown. If youÂ’ve ever been laid off and put in a rough spot before, some of this story will probably strike close to home.

Source: Gamasutra

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