DCUO's Game Update 18 Now Live

DC Universe Online introduces content restructuring and currency unification with the launch of Game Update 18.

Game Update 18 (GU18) has deployed for DC Universe Online (DCUO) and brings a number of changes to SOE’s superhero universe. GU18 restructures existing Challenges, Duos and Alerts with increased difficulty for smoother progression along with a number of new challenge modes with upgraded loots and rewards. Additionally, GU18 also brings currency unification, which merge Marks of Distinction, Marks of Momentum and Marks of Krypton into one currency with Marks of Triumph.

The update also comes with challenge mode improvements and more tricks for bosses in Duo and Challenge modes.

Many Challenge and Duo mode bosses have learned some new tricks! Many will now use familiar weapon combos as well as Block. Their attacks may both inflict and be vulnerable to counter attack mechanics such as Blocking, Interrupt and Block Breaking.

Source: DCUO GU18 Goes Live

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