DDO Update 17: Return to Gianthold Goes Live

Dungeons & Dragons Online celebrates its fifth anniversary with gifts and a brand new adventure pack update.

Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) deployed its latest content patch today with Update 17: Return to Gianthold. The update includes new heroic story and updates for the classic Ruins of Gianthold adventure, and a new Epic difficulty. The update also includes a the addition of new Augments to allow for additional customization options of equipment with new bonus effects, Challenge changes, and a number of other tweaks to items, classes, monsters, and parts of the game.

Next week DDO will also reach its 5-year anniversary. To celebrate the milestone, Turbine is giving all DDO players a gift box, which will be added to the inventory of all characters created prior to Update 17.

Patch notes for the update are available on the DDO forums. Be sure to give our Update 17 play session with the devs a look to see what’s new while you’re patching up.

Sources: Update 17 Announcement, Patch Notes

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