Defiance Gunslinger Trials DLC Now Available

Defiance players can access the latest DLC now with the Gunslinger Trials with some restrictions for the non-season pass holders on the PlayStation 3.

Trion Worlds has launched its fourth DLC for Defiance this week with the Gunslinger Trials. The new DLC is now available to all season pass holders on all platforms. Other players can pick up the DLC now for $9.99 with the exception of PlayStation 3 players, who will have to wait until March 24th in the US and 25th in Europe if they’re not season pass holders to purchase the standalone DLC.

The Gunslinger Trials adds three new story missions, new co-op arenas, arena scoring, special gear, and more. Check out the Gunslinger Trials DLC page for more.

Source: Gunslinger Trials DLC Announcement


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