Defiance Television Show to Premier April 15th

Syfy officially sets the date for the premier episode of the Defiance television show. Will the game be ready as well?

Trion Worlds and Syfy have been working hand in hand to put together the interconnected worlds of the Defiance online game and television show. The two have been aiming for an April release for a while and now Syfy today officially announced that the pilot episode for Defiance will air at 9:00pm ET on Monday, April 15th. The two-hour premier episode will be the first of a 12 episode first season.

The Defiance game is set to hold its first beta event on January 18th. You can register for the event here. In the words of Defiance actor Tony Curan:

Will the Defiance game be ready for primetime by April 15th? Trion certainly managed to put RIFT through its beta paces at a fair speed prior to its launch. Tell us what you think below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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