E3 2012: New Defiance Trailer Brings Two Worlds Together

Trion Worlds reveals a new look at the unification of gaming and television with a new Defiance trailer.
E3 2012 kicks off next week and Trion Worlds is rolling out the hype machine. With the announcement of RIFT’s Storm Legion expansion already made, Trion has now revealed a new trailer for their upcoming Defiance MMOG that offers a look at more gameplay footage and a peek at the television show.

The Defiance MMOG and television show is expected to launch in April 2013. Check out the full trailer below and stay tuned for more E3 2012 coverage.


Watch the Series. Play the Game.

Witness the revolutionary transmedia world of Defiance™ in a new action-packed trailer from Trion Worlds. Set to a high-energy BetatraXx remix of fun.’s popular track “We Are Young,” the trailer showcases intense cooperative gameplay based around dynamic events called “arkfalls” that appear in both the online shooter and the live action series coming to Syfy. Both series and game were recently announced as launching together in April 2013. Series star Nolan (played by True Blood’s Grant Bowler) narrates the video. 


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