5 Reasons Behind the Stellar Growth of League of Legends

Recently Riot Games released some rather stunning figures about their F2P battleground game, League of Legends

The art has come a long way too, with some of the older art being phased out entirely.


- 1.4 million players log in daily

-          - Several million (!) games are played daily, with an average game length of about 30 minutes each.

-         -  There are more than 15 million accounts

For a game that was flat out mocked in beta by the MOBA/DOTA community of the time, that’s downright amazing.   So how did the zero become a hero?  Well, maybe one of these reasons will give you the urge to give it a try!

5.       Free to play, but not boring after a week.

One of the most frustrating parts of most F2P games these days is that they simply don’t have the variety of content that keeps you playing.  You get into these games, enjoy them, but then you feel like you’ve seen and done it all.  Every League of Legends game plays out differently though—even doing seemingly monotonous things such as fighting neutral AI monsters can get crazy in seconds with an enemy’s interference.

4.       Continually improved upon on a regular basis.

With a patch coming out about every 10 days, and a new character for the game every 2-3 weeks, the game just keeps getting more complex.  Imbalances and flavors of the month are corrected quickly, and keep the game from getting stale due to overpowered nonsense.  Since every added character adds a new level of balance and complexity, the dedication to balance is of the utmost importance and pretty impressive for a F2P game.

3.       The cash shop is optional.

Absolutely nothing gameplay related can be bought exclusively with cold hard cash.  Everything necessary to kick ass on the battlefield can be earned in a reasonable period of time aside from some of the more expensive characters.  That’s not to say there aren’t shortcuts and cool cash only stuff available, but it’s all purely cosmetic or just there for convenience.

2.       The competition keeps flailing about.

You could say that this isn’t an actual reason the game is awesome, but it definitely is a reason the population has surged.  Upcoming competition such as Valve’s Defense of the Ancients 2 and Petroglyph’s Rise of Immortals are both taking too long and just… not capturing people’s attention.   The genre is hot and the new kids on the block are going to have to compete with a WoW-class titan at this rate.

1.       The game makes sense.

The biggest barrier to entry in this game is the learning curve.  When you don’t know what other heroes do, you’re at a disadvantage.  In other games, you’re not only at a disadvantage; you are a liability to yourself and your team if you don’t understand other unintuitive concepts in addition.  League of Legends super simplifies things, and makes it easier and more forgiving for new players.  This process sacrifices some depth, but the depth that is missing due to these silly mechanics such as denying (killing your own units to prevent experience gain by your opponent) is only relevant in the higher leagues of play.

The end result is a perfect storm of good decisions to make people want to recruit their friends.  I myself have even done this, and told the very same people that the other games in the genre are too much for them at this point.  So refer a friend, and give it a go.  The numbers don’t lie, so I’m sure you’ll find that Riot Games is doing something right!

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