Gamescom 2012: New End of Nations Screenshots

End of Nations rolls out the heavy armor for massive combat in new gamescom screenshots.
The media keeps on flowing. Trion has released a new batch of screenshots for End of Nations featuring some of the heavy armor and massive combat in the MMORTS. Give them a look below and stay tuned for more gamescom coverage.

gamescom2012_EoN_01 gamescom2012_EoN_02 gamescom2012_EoN_03
gamescom2012_EoN_04 gamescom2012_EoN_05 gamescom2012_EoN_06
gamescom2012_EoN_07 gamescom2012_EoN_08 gamescom2012_EoN_09
gamescom2012_EoN_10 gamescom2012_EoN_11

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