EverQuest II Dungeon Finder Arrives Today

Sony Online Entertainment makes finding a group much easier with the launch of its new Dungeon Finder for EverQuest II.
EverQuest II players get a new Dungeon Finder tool today that will help form random groups quick and easy. Starting at level 20, players can access the new Dungeon Finder and choose to find a group for a specific dungeon or adventure into a random one for a 25% experience bonus.

The Dungeon Finder comes with a few other things that players need to be aware of. Mentoring will not work in Dungeon Finder groups. Also, groups that finish a queued group together can have the group leader choose to queue for another dungeon afterwards and loot options are set and locked to “Need Before Greed” by default for Dungeon Finder groups. Players using third-party interfaces may also experience some issues and need to use the default UI.

Check out the official announcement to learn more about EverQuest II’s new Dungeon Finder.

Source: EverQuest II website

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