EverQuest Next Video Goal Unlocked

SOE’s latest social goal for EverQuest Next has been exceeded and we’ll now get a chance to what’s in the box.

Last week SOE set three more goals for its social networking campaign in EverQuest Next. As of today, that goal has been exceeded by more than 2%. What’s that mean for fans? It means three more goodies to enjoy.

Sometime within the future, fans will have a chance to see one of the early sketches from artist Gabor Szikszai posted to the EverQuest Next Facebook page. The second unlock provides SOE Live attendees with a poster of Gabor Szikszai’s re-imagined piece of EverQuest artwork. Lastly, Sr. Producer Terry Michaels will be giving a guided video tour of the Black Box, where EverQuest Next is being developed.

When all this will be released has yet to be revealed, so stay tuned for more.

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Source: EverQuest Next website

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