CCP Delays EVE Online's 1.1. Inferno Update

CCP delays the release of EVE’s Inferno 1.1 update following a late stage discovery just prior to deployment.
CCP has pushed back the release of EVE Online’s Inferno 1.1 update. An issue discovered over the weekend has prompted a slight delay of the update’s release to address a model rendering issue.

Following testing work over the past weekend for EVE Online: Inferno 1.1, we became aware of issues which would have resulted in a less than optimal game experience for our players. These issues are mostly fallout from code cleanup work we've been working on for the past weeks and caused specific models not to render. We apologize for the lateness of this discovery, this is the unfortunate, but inevitable, cost of continuous development and our constant commitment to improving EVE.

As a result our teams will continue working to resolve these issues so that we can bring you all the features, fixes and changes listed in our patch notes at the earliest possible opportunity.

Source: EVE Online: Inferno 1.1 Release Delayed

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