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EVE Fanfest 2013 Streaming Details Announced

By Stacy Jones -

Next month EVE Online developer CCP will once again host its annual fan gathering in Reykjavik, Iceland. Tickets for EVE Fanfest 2013 sold out long ago, but thereÂ’s still a way for you to get in on this yearÂ’s fun thanks to the miracle that is the Internet. And while that wonÂ’t get you included in the traditional legendary pub crawls that usually end in an alcohol-induced coma, you can at least watch some of the events and maybe play a drinking game of your own.

Fans can tune in to this year’s event via, where CCP will be streaming the event in HD for a one-time payment of $19.95 USD or one PLEX. The HD stream will include three days of live streaming event access, live pre-Fanfest interviews with CCP devs, a digital copy of the Fanfest “Quafe” t-shirt for EVE, a choice of one of five pirate faction for EVE, and 50 copies of the Quafe Scout vk.0 dropsuit for DUST 514.

EVE Fanfest is scheduled to take place from April 25th through April 27th and will host a number of developer and player panels as well as the latest news for EVE Online, DUST 514, and the upcoming World of Darkness MMOG.

Visit the EVE Fanfest 2013 website for more details on the HD streaming option.

Source: CCP Press Release

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