GDC 2014: Ubisoft Massive Previews The Division’s Snowdrop Engine Tech

By Stacy Jones -

One of the big game reveals from Ubisoft at E3 2013 that seemed to steal the show was Tom ClancyÂ’s The Division. The smooth looking gameplay demo powered by the impressive visuals of the Snowdrop engine made for an impressive one-two-punch that caught the attention of many gamers.

This week the Ubisoft Massive team revealed a new video for GDC 2014 that goes behind the scenes with the devs for a look at the tech used to create The Division and show off more of the impressive visuals from the Snowdrop engine. Now letÂ’s just hope that itÂ’s as fun as it appears to be and looks this good when it comes out. One can hope...right?

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