Fallen Earth Readies for a Post-Apocalyptic Holiday

By Stacy Jones -

The holidays are coming up fast and even the post-apocalyptic world of Fallen Earth is looking to spread a little Xmas cheer. In the latest blog update, Marie Croall discusses the upcoming holiday event with the return of the Grunch, who will be bringing a number of new festive items for the holidays in the form of new clothing, camps, a car, and more.

In addition to the holiday content, the devs will also be performing a little “winter cleaning” with bug fixes and the Outpost feature.

“The Outpost will be a combination of different features we have been working on for the past few years. We will be combing them to provide players will a new area to not only explore, but build. Our focus for this expansion is putting more control of the players experience in their hands and giving crafters more of a role at the higher levels.”

Source: Fallen Earth Blog

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