Haven Revamp Detailed in New Fallen Earth Dev Blog

Big changes are coming to the Fallen Earth’s faction town of the Lightbearers.

Find out all about them. Fallen EarthÂ’s newest dev blog is bringing the revamp to the faction town of Haven. The changes will better artistically reflect the townÂ’s in-game faction, the Lightbearers, and look to improve the overall framerate performance for many players. Other changes will improve the layout and flow of the town to maximize the ease of use.

Haven proper is laid out with the townÂ’s defense in mind. There are large walls which encircle the town, and guard towers placed every couple hundred meters. In the center of town is the outdoor Haven Dojo where Initiates spar in mock combat.

Atop the hill overlooking the pond is the Haven Temple, with nearby crafting facility, vaults, and auctioneer. Just across the pond over the narrow land bridge is the Haven Sundial, the Lightbearer shrine to the sun, their emblem. Up the hill from that are the Haven Archives, also revamped to reflect the scholarly nature of the LB Archivist sect.

Read the full Fallen Earth dev blog for more on the Haven revamp.

Source: Revamping Haven: The Revampening

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