Reconstructing a Classic - A Candid Talk with Final Fantasy XIV's Sage Sundi

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Whether you love or hate Final Fantasy XIV following the open beta, you have to admit one thing - this is a game that deliberately hasn't learned the lessons on accessibility taught by games like World of Warcraft. To find out why, we tracked down SquareEnix's Sage Sundi.

Sage makes it clear that SquareEnix is going for differentiation at all levels, not just on story. "You have to realize that this is a different productÂ… this is not World of Warcraft. System-wise, if we take all the feedback from the testers and customers, thatÂ’s going to be World of Warcraft or like any other major MMO that tends towards World of Warcraft. WeÂ’re not going to go that way."

Sage discusses who SquareEnix had in mind while they were making FFXIV, why the game has gone maverick on a number of interface and gameplay issues, and what makes the game worth powering through a steep learning curve and high minimum requirements. That and much more in Reconstructing a Classic - A Candid Interview with SquareEnix's Sage Sundi.

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