Best of E3 Guessing Game Giveaway

Read our E3 previews, and then guess our pick for "Best Game of E3 2012." You could win a copy of that game plus an awesome E3 swag pack!
Best of E3 Guessing Game Giveaway


Congratulations to our winner:

Steve M. - "Sekkerhund"

Check out our Best of E3 Awards too see our top picks from E3 2012!

Ten Ton Hammer saw some great games at E3 this year, but which one will claim the top spot of "Best Game of E3" in our annual awards? Guess, and you'll be entered to win.


  • A Free Game - Our Best of E3 Winner! We'll announce our Best of E3 picks next week, including our "Best Game of E3." Whatever that game happens to be, our prize winner will receive a free copy, which will be provided when pre-orders become available.
  • An E3 Swag Pack. Developers hand out lots of cool kitsch at industry events. We'll send you a Super Epic Surprise Pack of stuff harvested from the E3 show floor that might help keep you entertained while you wait for the winning game to launch. It'll almost feel like you went to E3 yourself. Almost.

Pro Tip for Guessing Like a Boss

You'll only get one chance to guess our "Best Game of E3" winner, and your guess will have to be correct in order to be entered in the final drawing. Did we pick something obvious, or did something truly surprise us? The best way to find out is to read our E3 coverage of the games we saw this year and search for clues.

To make things easier on you, here's a list of the games we've previewed so far (in alphabetical order). The "Best Game of E3" winner is among them!

How to Enter

Complete the form below and make your guess for our "Best Game of E3." We'll announce our winner as well as our Best of E3 Awards on Monday, June 18th. Our winner will be notified by email, so make sure you've added to your email client's list of approved domains.

By entering, you agree that you have read and understand our official rules.

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