Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Giveaway

Seize the opportunity to try the best MMO of 2012! Ten Ton Hammer has partnered with NCSoft and ArenaNet to give you a chance to storm Tyria in an upcoming Guild Wars 2 free trial weekend. Get your code today before they're gone!
Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Giveaway

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Seize the Opportunity to Try the Best MMO of 2012!

When Ten Ton Hammer's editors convened last year to determine the winners of our Best of 2012 Awards last December, there was one title on which none of us were divided--we all believed that Guild Wars 2 was hands down the best MMO of 2012.

If, despite our glowing recommendation, you haven't tried Guild Wars 2 for yourself yet, Ten Ton Hammer has partnered with NCSoft and ArenaNet to bring you an opportunity to play this polished, compelling title during its upcoming free trial weekend, April 19-21, 2013.

GRAB YOUR CODE, and await your chance to storm Tyria and experience its dynamic world and engaging personal story, plus PvP and World v. World v. World excitement. This giveaway will end when all codes are gone, or at midnight Eastern on April 16th. Send your friends to get their free trial code while they last

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