Kartuga Closed Beta Giveaway

Arrr! Pirates do it for the booty, but Hammer fans do it for the beta keys. Set out to sea with a Kartuga closed beta key and enjoy some seafaring, piratical PvP.
Kartuga Closed Beta Giveaway

Arrr! Pirates do it for the booty. Or maybe it's for the glory. Either way, a pirate is nothing without his ship. Man your vessel and sail out into intense coop PvP battles in Kartuga, the upcoming free-to-play browser MMO. Ten Ton Hammer has your closed beta key to get you in on the action.

In Kartuga, players assume the captain role on one of three playable ship classes. You'll fight with or against other players for honor, glory and loot in a stylized fantasy setting featuring eclectic nautical elements from around the world. Sailing across seas scattered with Mediterranean, Oriental and Mayan influences, players can unite in mighty guilds, acting out the punk-like, rebellious nature of true pirates.

Take a look at some eye candy in our screenshot gallery, then grab your closed beta key and enjoy Kartuga!

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