ArenaNet Previews GW2’s The Last Stand at Southsun

GW2’s Last Stand at Southsun update goes live later today. Get an early look at what’s new after the jump.

Guild Wars 2 will receive its second content update this month later today when Last Stand at Southsun deploys to live servers. The update will deliver new storyline content and a new story dungeon for players to enjoy along with enhancements to WvW rewards, World XP, and new Infusions and Ascended Gear for WvW.

This morning ArenaNet posted a new video to preview the new content featured in the update. Give it a look below and if you’re thirsting for more, be sure to check out the Guild Wars 2 Twitch stream today at 12:00PM PT as the devs preview more of The Last Stand at Southsun’s content.

Get caught up on the previous update's content with our Secret of Southsun coverage.

Source: ArenaNet Press Release

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