LEGO Universe Comes to an End

LEGO Universe fans build their final creations today as the demise of the building-block MMOG approaches.

Today is the final day that fans of LEGO Universe will be able to enjoy the building block-based MMOG and fight their final battle against the Maelstrom. The LEGO Group announced in November that LEGO Universe would cease operation this month, explaining that “it has not been possible to convert a satisfactory number of players to paying subscribers.”  

LEGO Universe won Ten Ton Hammer’s “Most Innovative” and "Best of E3” awards for E3 2010, but since it’s conversion to free-to-play and the decision was made not to include a cash shop, the title has struggled to convert enough players to paying subscribers to make it financially viable. Fans can log in today for one last play session, but as of midnight tonight, LEGO Universe will officially shut down.

Source: LEGO Universe website
Original Story: LEGO Universe Game and Studio Closing in January 2012

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