New Lineage II Video Envisions the Future of Massive Combat

NCsoft reveals a new 10-minute video to conflict fostered by Lineage II’s new server wars.

Shed a little blood for the holiday. Lineage II turns up the bloodlust for combat with its latest video that clocks in at just over 10 minutes and shows off the epic battle style of the new server wars concept. The movie-style video is filled with combat on a grand scale and provides a glimpse at what the devs are shooting for with the future of Lineage II as is hinted at in the video’s description.

We are proud of the 10 year history of Lineage II and there is plenty more history in the making as we advance into the future. A close viewing of the movie reveals not only that rich history but also insight about what is yet to come.

Give it a look below.

Thanks to Matt Smith for the tip.

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