MechWarrior Online Gets Stylish with New Update

MechWarrior Online adds more customization options to better define your mech with paints and patterns.

MechWarrior Online’s Camo Spec update deployed to live servers this week to add new customization options for players to better individualize their own mechs or give their teams a distinct appearance. The first phase of the new customization options provides paints and patterns for players to decorate their mechs. More options will be coming down the line, including the “Urban Block” and “Woodland” designs over the next few weeks.

Additional options are available to customize the mech cockpit such as the Hula Girl, banners and other items. Hey, if you’re going to die a fiery death in a ton of exploding metal, you might as well feel at home.

Read all about the latest changes on the MechWarrior Online forums.

Sources: Piranha Games Press Release

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