Neverwinter Gift Pack Giveaway

Here's a backpack full of potions and goodies to get you rolling in Neverwinter, because we like to give you free stuff.
Neverwinter Gift Pack Giveaway

If you've read our Neverwinter review, and you're ready to roll a character and get your hands dirty (or your weapon bloody) in the Forgotten Realms, Ten Ton Hammer and Perfect World have just the thing to get you started. First, check out our New Player Guide, then grab a Neverwinter Gift Pack to help you on your way.

The Neverwinter Gift Pack includes:

  • 10 Potions of Rejuvenation
  • 10 Tidespan Potions
  • 10 Potions of Lesser Healing
  • 5 Portable Altars
  • 5 Identify Scrolls (bound)
  • Bandana

Get a Neverwinter Giveaway Pack key. Once you've got yours, tell your friends where they can get their Gift Pack while our supplies last, and then invite them to join you for some free-to-play, DnD-style fun in Neverwinter!

Please note that to ensure we have enough keys to go around, you must be a registered member of Ten Ton Hammer or to get an item code. Not registered? It's free and easy to get your standard membership: just click here to join!

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