Neverwinter Celebrates the End of Open Beta with Events

Neverwinter officially launches next week and Cryptic is sending off open beta with a bang.

In case you missed the announcement, Neverwinter will officially launch on June 20th, 2013. With the open beta coming to an end, Cryptic has announced a new series of events to send open beta out with a bang. The first phase of the event gets underway today with bonus rewards for players this weekend leading into an invasion event set to kick off on Monday. The finale for the event will begin on Wednesday, June 19th with Unhallowed Wights appearing throughout the Forgotten Realms and threatening the city. Players that take up arms and help defend the city during the invasion events will earn special rewards.

Get all the event details and full schedule on the Neverwinter website.

Source: Neverwinter End of Beta Events

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