Neverwinter Dev Blog Revisits Character Customization System

By Stacy Jones -

Cryptic revealed a peek at their customization system for Neverwinter back in December to preview its many options and influence from the pen & paper games. Today Cryptic has posted a new developer blog to explore more of NeverwinterÂ’s vast character customization system.

The latest blog explores the various armor options and useful stats to help make your character a killing machine or master survivalist.

Which stat bonuses are available, you may wonder? Some warriors prefer to stack Power to increase their damage output or heal abilities. More experienced fighters prefer to boost Armor Penetration in order to ignore their enemiesÂ’ damage resistance while deadly rogues prefer burst damage from additional Critical Strike stat bonuses to resolve a conflict. All classes can benefit from stacking Recovery bonuses to rapidly refresh their Encounter abilities – reducing cooldown rates of some of their most potent powers are all they need to finish off an adversary. In desperate times, Life Steal is an invaluable stat to carry on gear – few things are more satisfying than watching your enemyÂ’s life drain away!  

Get a look at a few new Neverwinter customization screenshots in our gallery. Neverwinter is expected to launch later this year.

Source: Neverwinter Customization Dev Blog

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