Neverwinter Montage Trailer Previews the Control Wizard

Neverwinter’s Control Wizard flexes its magical fury to control battles and damage enemies in a new montage trailer.

Tanks, healers, and damage are all important roles to fill in Neverwinter, and while Trickster Rogues, Guardian Fighters, and Devoted Clerics can do the deed, the Control Wizard also fills an important role in the realm. In fact, a well-played Control Wizard can keep party damage to a minimum and make life very difficult for enemies. If you’re curious to find out how, check out the latest trailer below for a montage look at the magic-wielder in action.

Neverwinter's third beta event begins on Friday, March 22nd and will include a level cap increase to 50. Be sure to give our Control Wizard Class Preview Guide a read from this weekend’s beta event for a deeper look at the class and to get prepped for the next event.

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