Neverwinter Unveals the Cold Conflict Zone of Icespire Peak

Dwarves, ice giants, frost goblins, and more fight it out in Neverwinter's wintery cold zone of Icespire Peak.

The dwarves of Icehammer dug too deep and too greedily, activating a dormant portal to Winterforge and unleashing an army of ice golems. The cold zone of Icespire Peak is full of conflicts such as this and more in Neverwinter including everything from frost giants to frost goblins while the Icehammer Dwarves try to hold their own.

Check out the trailer below for a peek at some of the action and visit the Neverwinter website to learn more.

Neverwinter is set to kick off its second closed beta weekend on March 8th, 2013.

Source: Perfect World Press Release

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