I always wondered why Breakpoint had a social hub where you could see other Ghosts, when the entire island you play on is supposed to be empty of life. It turns out there is a reason why, and it's so players can show off cosmetic items Ubisoft sell them. Not only that, but it seems every single aspect of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is up for sale, from crafting materials (no wonder they were so fucking stingy with them) to weapons and skill points. This, to be blunt, is bullshit, and shows Ubisoft at their absolute worst. Not only are they happy to charge $119 for the Ultimate edition, but they then hit you with a barrage of microtransactions: clearly the ultimate edition isn't very ultimate

Crafting materials, skill points and weapon upgrades can all be bought. 

Ubisoft cynically market much of these microtransactions as "time savers", but when the majority are straight upgrades to weapons or your character, anyone who's weak willed or harbouring a fat wallet will quickly trump opponents: especially when it comes to PvP. I hate it, seemingly the Reddit community is pissed, and once again I'm left wondering how much lower publishers are willing to go, to drain as much cash as they can from its playerbase. Shameful stuff. 

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Last Updated: Oct 01, 2019

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