Fallen Earth: Crafting, UI, Game Design Updates

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Seventy towns seems like kind of a lot...

The Fallen Earth team released an update on their progress today in their official forums which details a number of important aspects of the game: Crafting, UI, the effect of carrying items, and game sounds.

To give yÂ’all an idea of where things stand in terms of progress on Fallen Earth: currently there are around seventy towns or major encounter areas that have been laid out with around fifty that are functionally complete in terms of content (not polished, mind you, just functional); there are currently almost three thousand missions implemented; and our database has around seventy-five hundred items. WeÂ’ve gotten a lot done, but we still have a lot left to do. This is a deadline week for us, so things are bit more hectic than normal. This week weÂ’re working on New Flagstaff, ThorneÂ’s Bluff, Last Stop, Dieseltown, DocuerÂ’s Court, and Aesterly.

Read the Q&A at the official forums.

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