WTF? February 14, 2006

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By: Phil "Ralphedelominius" Comeau
There is no cause for alarm! Loading... will return. In its place, today, I give you... WTF? It's like all the nutritional content of Loading... with half the funny!
Just pretend I'm a substitute teacher for Ten Ton Hammer home-room. No, this will not be on the test.
It's here! The day I love to hate - Valentine's Day. Everywhere across the globe, women are gushing, men are cringing and greeting card executives are cackling with glee. Who says I have to shell out annually for a box of chocolates in a tacky heart-shaped box, accompanied by a flimsy bit of card with trite, sappy poetry in neat typeface inside? Bah, humbug! Oh, wait, wrong commercialized holiday...
Wikipedia says that St Valentine's Day is named for a Roman priest beheaded in the 3rd century, or a bishop of Terni who was also, oddly enough, beheaded in the 3rd century (though in a different location), or another priest in North Africa who may or may not have secretly married couples against the rules, and may or may not have been beheaded. WTF? Where's the romance link in there? Unless you're an abused altar boy, you probably don't get much of a warm-and-fuzzy feeling when you think about cutting off a priest's head with an axe.
Or maybe you do.
Card, schmard! I'm giving my missus her very own World of Warcraft account! We can walk hand in virtual hand down the shore across from the Echo Isles, watch the sun set in real time into the desert sands and enjoy a picnic of Cactus Apple Surprise and Refreshing Spring Water. Hmmmm. Perhap World of Warcraft has more in common with Valentine's Day than at first blush - she *can* cut off my priest's head with an axe if we get into a dueling mood! It's all in the spirit of the holiday, of course. It's brilliant! "I love you dearest... now, prepare to have your face melted! Pwned! one11eleventybillion! Now, how 'bout some somethin'-somethin'... [MrsRalph has gone offline]... Dammit."
So, no card this year, no candlelit dinner - I'm giving her a Level 1 Troll Hunter!
Am I in trouble? Bah, what do you know... Yeah, Boomjack will be back soon, why do you ask?
Comments? Flames? Sappy Valentines? Let me have it!

Game Movie: Stab It Out
Vin Diesel Fact of the Day: Vin Diesel can crash a World of Warcraft server just by logging in to play. I'm guessing Vin logs into every server each Monday evening.
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    playing World of Warcraft on and off for the year that it's been live. In all of
    that time I've never entered a BG or willingly PVP'd. That all changed this
    weekend when the new crew convinced me that it was fun. They were right! It
    was an exhilarating experience of non stop action. At first I spent a lot of time running around in circles in a panic and then after the second time I found myself in the groove."
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    Of course this is just a humorous look at it. Why would you need 10 reasons to go pre-order Auto Assault?"

Now for some real-world WTF?, right in your face!

As always, thanks for visiting TenTonHammer.com!
-- Phil "Ralphedelominius" Comeau

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