Mabinogi First Impressions Review

See if We Were Impressed
See if We Were Impressed

The free to play gaming marketplace is getting very crowded, very fast. However, a number of developers are trying to create a niche for themselves by finding unique features or art styles that set them apart. With Nexon Corporation's latest MMORPG, Mabinogi - Fantasy Life, they attempt to do both. But after their smash hit, MapleStory, can any game match their previous level of popularity. To weigh in on the subject, managing editor Cody "Micajah" Bye has played through the first few levels in the game and has penned his first impressions for you to read. Check them out!

At first, I was a bit hesitant to dive into the game, simply due to the level of genuine cuteness that I had seen from my preview at GDC and from the concept art visible on the Mabinogi community site. But due to the previous success of MapleStory, my curiosity won the better of me and I jumped into Mabinogi with enthusiasm full-fledged enthusiasm. Even though the game was drizzled with a frosted coat of delightful art, it would have been improper to ignore a game simply on its artistic style.

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