Exclusive City of Heroes Intervew with Matt Miller - The Line Between Good and Evil

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The battle between good and evil wages ever on in the world of City of Heroes, yet what about that moral gray area? Where are those characters in the grand scheme of things? That is just one of the many questions NCsoft's Senior Lead Designer Matt Miller answered when the Ten Ton Hammer staff asked about the future of the City of Heroes series. As a reader, you can also expect answers to questions regarding graphics, Issue size and much much more!

"We’ve hired some new programmers to look into sprucing up our graphics," Matt answered. "The engine we use is actually very powerful, but we have been conscious of people’s machines and minimum specs on the game for a while now, so we haven’t really seen the true glory of what it is capable of. But I think it’s safe to say yes, players can expect to see graphical improvements."

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