Lighthouse Steps Down as CoX CM

We'll miss your light.

We'll miss your light.

Lighthouse, the Community Manager for City of Heroes and City of Villains for the last two years has stepped down to seek other opportunities outside of NCSoft.

Time. What a funny thing. In retrospect it seems like it was only just yesterday to recall my first posts on the forums. Yet, when I fill in everything that ensued over the last two years, a collage of details swims up at me: Issue 8, Veteran Rewards, lewtz!, Aliens, comics, Fanzines, flashbacks, player events, Trade shows, City Scoops, articles, all the awesome people at NCsoft I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and so much more. Yet through it all – it’s been you, the game’s community, which stands out to me the most. When I’m in game playing and see a new player getting advice in /help or a global channel, when I read threads on the forums or when I open e-mail or private messages, I’ve always been impressed at the quality and caliber of people that make up this game’s community.

While things seem pretty kosher and gentle, rumors persist that Lighthouse's leaving was less than voluntary. These rumors stem from a public comment that Lighthouse made about PvP in the game which was not taken well by the development team. Despite an apology and retraction, it's been about a week between the statement and the resignation.

For more information, please check the City of Heroes forums.

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