Fallen Earth Thanksgiving Caption Contest

Who stole the pumpkins?

Who stole the pumpkins?

Fallen Earth may have a post-apocalyptic backdrop, but it's nice to see that some holidays will persevere like Thanksgiving. In true giving of thanks and friendship such as "please pass the grenades," the team at Fallen Earth has posted a "Thanksgiving Captio3n Contest" for us to enjoy. There are prizes so make sure to stop by and provide a bit of witty and thankful text. According to the press release the contest starts today and goes through November 20th:

While the collection of characters in the picture would most likely never gather in game, Thanksgiving is a special celebration. You’ll see some Lightbearer NPCs having a conversation in back. Does it have something to do with the Oh! Noes hot sauce on the table? The CHOTA in front and center shows off the high end PC gear, although his use of the “provoke” emote is less than kind, considering the holiday. The guy with the antlers could have gotten a memo that the dress for the occasion was festive, although as a CHOTA shaman, he might look like this all the time. And although poultry, milk and pie are general use items in the game, we’re not sure who’s cooking. Can you help us figure it out?

For the rest of the rules and to caption that content, go to Fallen Earth's Caption Contest.

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