PotBS: Build 1.11: The Clash of Steel Goes Live

The newest build for Pirates of the Burning Sea hits the live servers today.  Build 1.11: The Clash of Steel brings with it the Avatar Combat revisions, which includes a complete overhaul of Swashbuckling skills and mechanics, making the system much more visually appealing and easier for players to get into.  The new build also offers players some new Repeatable Bloodsport Missions, Swashbuckling Dailies and some interesting changes to boarding party mechanics.

To help ease players into the new system, the official PotBS site has a handy list of guides, including a comprehensive overview of the new AvCom system as well as individual guides for the three main fighting schools; Dirty Fighting, Fencing and Florentine.  

To read more about The Clash of Steel, be sure to check out the official website where you can also find the full release notes for Build 1.11.

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